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But even after Amanda and Kyle break up, Jessi being around is a problem--until she offers the use of her apartment. Jessi makes words on the board that tell them of the crash, and Jessi receives an emergency communication from Kyle about the location, helping emergency crews to save Nicole.At the hospital, Jessi and Kyle discuss normal birth vs pod for sixteen years.

Her jealousy with Amanda is a problem too, but Jessi keeps helping Kyle help Amanda. She and Lori get into a quarrel about neatness and clothing.

They work out a way to find out what is troubling her, and she lets Kyle practice kissing to disable what Latnok had put in Amanda's head. They go to The Rack to meet up, and Jessi does talk with Cassidy, who says he already knows a lot about her. To keep them apart, Stephen is playing Scrabble with Jessi, when Nicole is in a distant car accident with Kyle and Josh.

Jessi is sitting then in the family-only seats at the hospital, and gets the drink for Lori that had stuck in the machine.

Afterwards, Jessi tells Cassidy that she pushed Kyle to go to Latnok only because it would save Nicole, and if he harms any of them, she will kill him.

Kyle does join the student Latnok group to pay the hospital bill with the Hoverboard competition.

When Jessi admits to Nicole that what she did was a bad thing, Nicole is upset with Kyle for joining with Latnok, and Kyle thinks he can't trust Jessi.Then, when I got into high school, I actually got kicked out of theater because I can't sing, and a lot of time the productions they put on were musicals.The teacher thought my time was best spent somewhere else. [on how and when she continued to pursue acting] Well, I definitely had a ...After being released by Latnok, Kyle meets with Jessi outside.Jessi is insulted again that Latnok was interested in Kyle but not her, and returns to Sarah.I don't have too many bad days because I just don't let them happen.

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