Updating your pois

I think POI from Garmin database should be kept up to date and released to Garmin owners for updating every 6 months.

Heck new places are added, old places are either no longer there or changed.

We usually search for hotels to stay en route and use the POI information from the GPS to make reservations.

There are probably services that provide more current data, but when you are dealing with more than 6,000,000 locations - how can you tell?

Personally, I depend on my Garmin for streets and directions and use the POI Factory for up-to-date sites.

In 2008 there were some 7.6 million "establishments" that had employees.

There were another 21.4 million "firms" that represent self-employed people.

Also there is information how to install them on your GPS on this site. There are thousands of POIs here for you and there is information on this site telling you how to make your own!!! This is one of the reasons I have downloaded so many POI's from this site - Garmin's POI's are good but not as up to date as the ones here.

Whenever I want to look something up (like Mc Donalds), I always use the Mc Donalds POI from here and not Garmins. If for some reason I find a Mc Donalds that is not listed in this sites POI, I just notify the maintainer of the POI to get it updated. For the last few years I've taken car trips with the family.

I have no idea how that got into the POI list on the Garmin map.

I'm the same as you with the maps, I will report every little thing I see wrong on the road (only 3 so far this year).

My guess is that no one has ever advised the directory service that the place no longer exists, so it is still listed.

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