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GIRLS OF RIYADH is being referred to as "Saudi-style Sex and the City" --- a secret look into the lives of professional women as they search for love.

But this love story is set in the conservatively Islamic Riyadh as opposed to the melting pot of Manhattan.

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The character with the most success, and who is the most similar to Alsanea herself, is the one who is able to embrace both religion and love, both education and relationship.

Though Alsanea admits that such success in Saudi is not generally as high as 1 in 4, it gives hope and empowerment to those of us, in every country, looking for love.

Even though this novel rallies against arranged marriages, GIRLS OF RIYADH is not about abandoning one's heritage and culture.

Instead, it's about finding fulfillment within that culture.

Even some of the elite themselves aren't very familiar with what goes on behind closed doors, or at least they aren't open to talk about it freely.

Thus, while SEX AND THE CITY blazed a trail for American women to be open about sex, GIRLS OF RIYADH blazed a trail for not just openness about sex but about love, religion and the limitations presented by family and society.Alsanea is not just a writer but a graduate student in dentistry, juggling her love of literature with a respectable Saudi career.First published in Lebanon, the novel was banned in Saudi Arabia and circulated through black market copies.Alsanea holds her own as a writer, but her background is what sets her apart.As Americans we are generally unfamiliar with the goings-on of the Saudi Arabian elite.I want to know whether there is any place like cafe, restaurant or public place where we can meet and talk May be in compound or mall or whatever.

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