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Her uncle's continued presence did not prevent a love affair between Rosemary Clooney and another band member; she agreed to marry the man (identified in her autobiography This for Remembrance (1977) only as "Dave") before deciding that it might jeopardise her career.In this she was receiving encouragement, one critic having described her voice as "perhaps the nearest thing to Ella Fitzgerald we've ever heard".

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With the big-band era drawing to a close, Rosemary Clooney intended to make the most of any opportunity to go it alone.

In 1946, she recorded I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry When I Made You Cry Last Night.

She later signed a recording contract with the Concord Jazz label. She married Dante Di Paolo, a dancer she had known from two of her films, in 1997.

In her later years, Rosemary Clooney continued to record and perform.

On the strength of this, she set off to establish a solo recording career in New York.

She obtained a contract with Columbia Records and made some sides with Frank Sinatra before he left for Capitol and stardom.In 1941, Rosemary and Betty went to Cincinatti, Ohio, to live with their mother's parents.Still at school, the sisters appeared on a radio show for a night and toured the area, chaperoned by their uncle.Eventually they were taken on by the Tony Pastor orchestra, with whom they toured the country for three years from 1945.After each show, the girls would get into a bus chartered by the orchestra and sleep until they arrived at their next venue.Later, appearing in the television hospital drama ER opposite her nephew, George Clooney, she won an Emmy nomination as a patient with Alzheimer's who could only communicate through song.

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