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Then she got up and pulled Michael by the hand into the bedroom.She got on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees with her ass stuck up in the air.

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She had to turn the receiver away from her mouth so her friend wouldn’t hear her breathing hard.

Michael continued to rub her hot spot and slide his fingers into her hole as deep as he could.

“That’s how I’ve always felt about that too,” she said into the phone as calmly as she could manage, hoping her friend couldn’t hear the bed squeaking from Michael pounding her with his hard cock. Kristy felt his cum shoot up inside her, filling her up with his cock juice. But she was also concentrating on the feeling of her husband’s cum filling her up.

It was so warm and she loved the feeling of it shooting up inside her.

She began to engage in the usual chit-chat and started catching up with her girlfriend on all that had been going on with each other. He made his way up her leg and then started rubbing her arm.

Michael was sitting beside her on the couch the whole time and after they had been talking for about 20 minutes, he suddenly got an idea. She noticed the attention from her husband, but continued talking to her friend. Lightly at first just to give her a little tease, then he started to squeeze them gently. Michael knew just the right way to play with her tits.He could tell by Kristy’s side of the conversation they weren’t anywhere near being done yet. Michael alternated rubbing her tits, arms and legs for a few minutes. She continued talking to her friend but it was getting a little difficult to concentrate with all the attention she was getting from her husband.Not to mention the tension she could feel building in her pussy.The phone rang and Kristy looked to see who it was.It was a girlfriend she hadn’t talked to in a long time so she answered it.She finally spread her legs and Michael inserted his fingers into her aching pussy.

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