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Addition of new end-user features was not a primary consideration: its name signified its goal to be a refinement of the previous OS X version, Leopard.

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If it’s not shown as OS X 10.10.1, you need to download and install the update from the Mac App Store, and reboot the Mac as instructed to complete the process.

This may sound absurd and I’m sure it will offend a few advanced users, but the complete update process is fairly easy to overlook, especially if you’re in the habit of dismissing or putting off notifications.

I’ve seen this apply to at least one user, and their Mac never actually installed the update as a result.

If there’s a doubt, or you’re troubleshooting someone else’s Mac, just double-check the system version and update if necessary so you can rule this out.

Some users have discovered reports their wireless connection has dropped due to inactivity.

This is obviously not normal behavior, but a ping workaround that has been effective for prior versions of OS X can still work here too.

Another option is to disable Bluetooth, but that is hardly appropriate for users who have a wireless Apple keyboard, Trackpad, Magic Mouse, or other Bluetooth hardware.

There is no single specific cause found or resolution that works for all users, which makes this a challenging problem to address.

Many reports left by users in our comments, Mac Rumors Forums, and on Apple Discussion boards indicate the randomness of the issue persisting after updating to the latest version of OS X available.

Whether you have found a solution for your wi-fi woes or not, let us know your experience in the comments!

Resetting the SMC has been noted to work for some users who experience wi-fi issues.

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