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However, instead of searching for the girls, Mitsune takes Motoko along the old Tokyo to Kyoto road, sampling cuisines along the way; cuisines like fish cakes in Odawara, eel dishes in Hamanako, and miso cutlets at Nagoya, using Motoko's Shinmei-ryu abilities to hold street performances to gather funds before finally arriving at Kyoto where they reunite with Shinobu and Kaolla.

With Mitsune having used up all of her funds, they use Shinobu's savings to track down Keitaro and Naru at Okinawa and bring them back to Hinata House.

Making their way to the island, Mitsune, Motoko and Mutsumi attempt to hitchhike, however, after dressing Motoko in a Leaf Bikini and flashing her breasts to random drivers, causing them to crash, the trio hire some ostriches and attempt to ride them through the desert, however, they soon lose their mounts and are forced to traverse the desert on foot, meeting and regrouping with Shinobu, Kaolla and Sarah in the process.

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A sly and opportunistic young woman, Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno (紺野 みつね Konno Mitsune) is a close friend to Naru Narusegawa and one of the first of the Hinata Residents to live at the Hinata House.

Describing herself as a freelance writer, Mitsune prefers to lead a relaxed lifestyle, drinking sake and gambling on horses.

She tends to cause mischief when she finds herself lacking in entertainment.

Most commonly described as a free-loader, Mitsune always looks out for herself and her own interests first, however, she does care about her fellow tenants and knows when not to take things too far.She also couldn't get a boyfriend of her own, largely due to being perceived as too "high strung"; however, her attitude that boyfriends should be used and exploited probably also played a part.When Naru's parents hired a private tutor for their daughter, Mitsune also fell for him and was angered when he suddenly left them without notice.While Keitaro was attempting to find part-time employment to restock his savings after the Kyoto-Okinawa trip, he manages to land a job at a izakaya restaurant called Mura Sake, however, Mitsune encounters him there and begins flirting with him in an attempt to skip out on her bill, resulting in both of them getting thrown out of the restaurant.In an attempt to make up for getting him fired, Mitsune suggests that he starts tutoring as a part time job and mentions Naru's tutor as an example, inadvertently sending him into a depression over Naru and his immediate future.While at high school, Mitsune often hung with Naru and acted as an older sister to the younger, more naïve, girl.

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