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So today, unlikely the 1990s, these women are not simply rushing to the lifeboats.

These drinking habits are destructive to society and annoying to women, but they are also deadly to men.

According to one recent study the rate of alcohol poisoning in Russia is 120 times, not 120%, but 120 times more common in Russia than in the European Union.

They really want to build a better life for themselves and their children.

So, if you come off as a fat, arrogant American they have no problem saying, “Nyet.” So, the basic situation is that many of the social, economic, and educational gains women made during the Soviet-era have been lost.

Russian folk sayings such as, "A wife is not a pot; she will not break" and "If the thunder is not loud, the peasant will forget to cross himself" give an idea of the male dominated nature of traditional village life.

For a peasant, his only escape from the grinding poverty and hard labor was vodka and the only place his personal authority meant anything was inside of his own home, which he ruled with an iron fist. Often after they go on to offer an answer to their own and claim that all Slavic women are scammers and gold diggers. International Love Scout is the most the most trusted authority on mail order brides. Because we have been answering this question over and over and over again since 2009.They are making choice based on an impartial examination of the facts to do whatever they can do to build a better life for themselves, their family, and, most importantly, their children.That takes guts – real courage – and that is the often-overlooked inheritance that Russian and Ukrainian women received from the female snipers, doctors, pilots, coal miners, and steelworkers of the Soviet Union. Today these women are not usually trying to scam anyone.Worse, for many women is that alcohol use also corresponds with an increased incidence of domestic violence and a dramatic rise in the numbers of single mothers.

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