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The sprinkles fell into place with ease and since it has dried, none of them have come off the whip.

With the silicone, the sprinkles fell off and some didn’t even get a chance to make a little home, the cream had begun to cure.

Supplies: The Simulation Cream (SC for short) can be used straight from the tube. I decided to use this whip as intended from the manufacture.

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Chat simulation

The next step of this project was for me to add another dimension of sweetness. I opted to use gold puffy paint because I grew up in the 90s and I just wanted to give this a try before I bought any actual deco sauce.

I figured since it dries permanently to t-shirts after 24 hours, why not ?!

As I recalled from my initial silicone whipped cream experience, it was easier to pipe, if the whip itself was warmer.

Having said that, I decided to “warm up” this SC tube by rolling and manipulating it in my hands with the lid in place. If you check out the video, I started from the top and worked my way down.

I did this project while I was out-of-town, so this case has been dried and sitting around for a little more than a week. However, this did not ruin the over all aesthetic of the piece. | Conclusion Pros: I’d use this deco whipped cream again.

There as no cracking and no weird off-putting smells! I’d like to purchase a larger size and I’d probably squeeze it into an actual piping bag.

Whenever I have done searches for deco whipped cream, this is one of the brands that I saw pop up regularly.

I mean that in the most non-offensive way possible.

I lined the ridges of the shells to add more contrast to the over all look of the case.

I think it came out rather yummy and I was quite pleased as to how smoothly the process went.

If you remember a while back, I did project where I created a candy dish with a fake whipped cream look for the first time.

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