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I have had had a lot of questions from customers seeking guidance on pan selection; hopefully this post will help you to understand why certain of these pans are pricier and more collectible than others.I’ve also written a FAQ article on pricing – you can find that in the FAQ section of this site.Obviously this post is just my .02; I am sure that others have different views.

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I was happily using modern Lodge iron and then I bought this #8 and was immediately impressed. David also sells fine old cast iron at very reasonable prices from this site.

This #8 is the pan that got me interested in old cast iron. Smith's website and you can purchase his invaluable books (co-written with Chuck Wafford) directly from the author.

The gaps in these joints were sealed with oakum to prevents the water leaking out.

A molten-lead joint was then run around the socket to ensure that the oakum seal remained in place.

The first cast iron pipe was produced in horizontal moulds, the core of the mould would be supported on small iron rods which would become part of the pipe.

Horizontal casting resulted in an uneven distribution of metal around the pipe circumference.

These water pipelines were composed of individually cast pipe sections, often termed sticks, jointed together by a bell and spigot joint.

Here one end of the pipe stick is flared, termed the bell or socket, to enable the opposite end of the next stick, the spigot end, to be inserted to create a joint.

Notice the lack of a heat ring that was seen on the older pieces.

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