Fluoroammonium technology of beryllium processing

We suggest to consider technology of beryllium ore processing and obtaining of beryllium metal. Beryllium is a metal widely used in modern engineering. The price for beryllium metal varies from 150$ to 300$ for a kg. Beryllium copper alloy, i.e. beryllium bronze, containing not more than 2% of beryllium is high-strength and high-conductive material that is the most widely used beryllium product that accounts for about 75% of all metal consumption.

TPrimary source of beryllium in Russia and Kazakhstan is its ore ‛ beryl. Chemical formula of beryl is 3BeO∙Al2O3∙6SiO2; only 5 kg of beryllium can be extracted out of 100 kg of beryl.

The objective of this offer is development of industrial technique of beryllium decomposition with the help of ammonium fluoride. A distinctive feature of invention is minimization of reagents spent on beryl decomposition, its partial return into the cycle, and also its extraction in the form of the second marketable product, i.e. extra pure silicon oxide.

Approximate price of industrial complex for stated   output   amounts € 5 mln, when provided with technological area with corresponding infrastructure. The price for development of technical report for manufacturing complex design amounts 150 000 €.