Fluoroammonium technology of fibrous mullite ceramics

We suggest to consider opportunity of establishment of integrated mining chemical enterprise, which includes manufacturing of fluoroaluminum silicate materials.

Mullite is a mixed compound of aluminium oxide and silicon oxide 3Al2O3∙2SiO2 with melting temperature about 1820°C; it becomes more and more popular in technologies of high-temperature processes, in particular these are mullite refractories which are widely applied in high-temperature industrial processes, that is metallurgy, coal carbonization, as well as in aircraft, space and atomic for thermal insulation. The price for high-quality mullite refractories in the world market reaches $70 000 per ton.

Silicon oxide of the sort named “white black” is applied in metallurgy as a flux for ore melting temperature reduction, in rubber-processing and tyre industry as filler. Extra pure silicon oxide is used for manufacturing optical glass, and is a raw material for manufacturing of single-crystalline silicon for semiconductors and solar batteries.

Ammonium fluoride is a material used in chemical industry for production of a whole series of fluoride products including fluoroplastic and teflon.

There exists a developed investment project for building of a mullite refractories plant with output 10 000 tons a year. Production is low-wasted and nontoxic. Startup of the plant will create 1000 workplaces. It will meet a ready sale, because of present refractory materials shortage in the world.

Technological consequence of operations includes the following mining and chemical redistribution:

1. Extraction of quartz-topaz ore by quarry method;

2. Reduction and grinding of ore up to the fineness of 70 μm;

3. Flotation division of ore into quartz and topaz concentrates;

4. Chemical fluoride processing of topaz concentrate and obtaining of end product, i.e. mullite refractory units and silicon

5. Quartz concentrate processing and production of building lime-sand brick

Net cost of extraction and dressing of 100 000 tons of ore a year amounts about € 50 mln, while the sum of end product will amount about € 400 mln. Financial flows, given here, show high profitability of enterprise and its attractiveness for the investment. The price for development of technical report for manufacturing complex design amounts 120 000 €