Fluorammonium technology of titanium dioxide obtaining

We suggest you to consider opportunity of application of new fluoroammonium technology of ilmenite decomposition and obtaining pigment titanium dioxide out of it.

Fluoroammonium technique allows extracting titanium tetrafluoride from ilmenite and transferring it in the form of titanium dioxide. This technique combines operations of ilmenite decomposition with the simultaneous defecation. This method does not require use of aggressive reagents and does not lead to formation of liquid or other waste products.

One of the most important products in chemical industry is titanium dioxide for which obtaining the most part of titanium raw materials are processed. Titanium dioxide is mainly consumed by paint industry. Classic techniques of ilmenite processing were developed in the 50s and have already become obsolete. They are energy wasteful and do not correspond to the present-day ecological requirements. As an alternative technique of ilmenite processing it is suggested to consider fluoroammonium technology of titanium dioxide obtaining.

The given technique is based on the modern achievements in the area of chemical technology of fluorides and allows obtaining of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide. Intermediate compound is titanium tetrafluoride that allows to set up metallothermic production and output metallic titanium.

The set objective can be achieved by mixing ilmenite and ammonium fluoride and further heating of the mixture. There takes place a chemical reaction with composition of titanium tetrafluoride and iron difluoride:

FeTiO3 + 6NH4F = FeF2 + TiF4 + 6NH3 + 3H2O.

Thus, during one stage there takes place decomposition of ilmenite and separation of it into titanium and ferrous fractions. Ammonium fluoride regeneration and titanium dioxide obtaining are also possible. Titanium tetrafluoride is handled with ammonia water; in the result titanium hydroxide precipitates, and in the solution remains ammonium fluoride, which can be turned to decomposition of new portion of ilmenite after evaporation. Ammonium fluoride regeneration goes according to reaction:

TiF4 + 4NH4OH = Ti(OH)4 + 4NH4F.

After firing at the temperature 600°- 800° titanium hydroxide turns into titanium dioxide, which is the most demanded titanium product (rutile).

Ti(OH)4 → TiO2 + 2H2O.

The value of complex for production of 2000 tons a year on original ilmenite amounts €10 mln. Period of designing consists not less than 6 months. Period for starting-up and adjustment is not less than 6 months, provided previously prepared industrial area and procurement in time. 1000 m² of covered area for the plot placement are required. The price for development of technical report for manufacturing complex design amounts 100 000 €. Type of relations is an agreement with Tomsk Polytechnic University.