The Fluortechnology

Fluorine is one of chemical elements that we deal with mostly every morning right after getting up from the bed. Today many types of toothpaste contain this element of the periodic table to prevent caries. To protect our teeth we cover them with fluoroplastic varnish. After shaving with razor that has a fluoroplastic line near the blade we use a deodorant from an aerosol container that is filled with freon. Then we wash ourselves up turning on a tap in which there are fluoroplastic glands and packing made of fluoroplastic tape. We go to the kitchen on the teflon carpet and having taken food out of refrigerator (where freon is used as a coolant), we cut it with a knife with fluoroplastic cover and cook it on a teflon frying pan.With the music from a radio set in which more than a half of condensers are made of fluoroplastic we have breakfast and reflect on the question why there is so much fluorine around us. What qualities made it so popular for making things surrounding us?

On this site we invite you to take part in promotion of fluoride technologies use in our life. Gradually with your help here will be collected and presented information about present-day condition of fluorine industry development and researches made in this area.


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